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Financial Philosophy

A Clearly Defined Financial Philosophy Leads to Sound Decisions

Once you clearly define your own financial philosophy, you're able to use strategies and solutions that support it. Your philosophy serves as your catalyst for action.

“When you get your money right, you can get your life right” is our core belief.

Our financial philosophy emphasizes a lifelong perspective and helps you structure your finances to help you spend, save, invest and insure wisely. In other words: Make smart, intelligent decisions with your money.

Investment Philosophy

Investing is a science that consists of three basic elements: cost, risk and return. Cost and risk are controllable; returns are not.

Our investment philosophy is built on scientific discoveries rooted in over 60 years of empirically validated academic and Nobel Laureate research. It consists of four principles:

  1. Financial markets are efficient and prices reflect all knowable information.
  2. Broad and deep global asset class diversification is essential.
  3. Buy risk, not return and emphasize risks that are worth taking.
  4. Lower costs and lower taxes increase long-term returns.

If there is no well-researched empirical evidence to support a particular investment approach, we won’t offer it.

Our methodology offers you a practical investment strategy and the ability to remain calm and rational in both up and down markets.

Risk Management Philosophy

Income and asset protection are at the core of effective financial management. Financial success requires taking care of your insurance infrastructure.

We believe that if you cannot write a check to buy your way out of any catastrophe, then insurance is the best way to keep your family from going broke.

First, we help you understand your financial risks and their potential consequences. We then construct a program to minimize the financial consequences. We always exhaust legal and tax strategies before recommending additional insurance.


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