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What are your goals and aspirations for the future? Do your financial decisions support your true purpose for money?

Knowing your big picture WHY is more important than the money itself. Your WHY:

  • Expresses what you truly value
  • Brings clarity and direction
  • Offers a way to evaluate your decisions in a context that’s relevant to you

Everything becomes so much easier because your big picture WHY has meaning. Do you know yours?

Our job is to help you clarify and articulate your true purpose for money, and then work with you to fulfill it.

We focus on the things most relevant for you. We identify those core things with you and then together we make sure to do them well.

You are more than an account number or revenue stream at FocusYOU. You are a real person with unique circumstances, real concerns, and goals that are worthy of respect. We integrate your financial life with your nonfinancial goals and aspirations.

Making Smart Financial Decisions Begins With Your Investments

Our clients want more than just an extra 1% of return. They prefer a practical and more conservative approach that:

  • Is slow and steady.
  • Protects the wealth they've already created.
  • Builds a foundation for dealing with uncertainties.

When it comes to your investments, together we focus only on things we can control:

  1. Defining your investment philosophy.
  2. Determining your risk preference.
  3. Choosing your investment strategy.

These three things mean more to your long-term success than any other investment strategy.

Our recommendations are always grounded by rigorous empirical research and financial science.

After adopting this scientific approach, you will:

  • Eliminate speculating and gambling with your money.
  • Stop worrying about which stocks to buy or sell.
  • Stop stressing if now is a good time to be in or out of the market.
  • Minimize your downside and eliminate unnecessary risk.
  • Have more time to focus on living your best life.

Protecting Your Income and Assets

What's the worst that could happen? This is the first question FocusYOU considers when thinking strategically about protecting your wealth. It’s essential to our insurance philosophy.

Insurance provides the financial safety net that protects you and your family. It is critical to understand your:

  1. Personal insurance (e.g., life, disability, health and long-term care)
  2. Property coverage (e.g., home, auto and business)
  3. Liability protection (e.g. personal umbrella, commercial and professional insurance)

Insurance is an excellent tool and a powerful element of a sound financial plan. The creative use of insurance can mitigate many financial risks, which helps you maximize your wealth and financial resources.

Most people know they need more insurance. Yet, the dizzying array and complexity of insurance products causes most people to do nothing rather than make a mistake.

But the cost of doing nothing is usually much greater than the cost of doing something.

We help you make the smart decision when buying insurance. William Pitney CFP® will:

  • Help you understand your options
  • Bring you cost effective alternatives for your situation.
  • Coach you through your decision.

Now that you’re ready to make more smart decisions to optimize your and protect your wealth, schedule a complimentary, no-obligation Financial Strategy Session to see how professional guidance will help make sure your financial plans, investments and insurance programs are right for you.

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