When you engage FocusYOU, you receive advice free of the conflicts that plague Wall Street and many large financial firms.  We have no sales quotas and are free to recommend financial solutions and products that best meet your goals.

As a financial planning and advisory firm serving individuals and families, our relationship with you is paramount. There is no corporate bureaucracy to navigate when you need an answer about your money.

Our passion for helping our clients comes from our own personal experiences with life-changing events and the long-lasting effects of financial decisions made during those highly emotional moments.

  • MBA®, CFP®, CeFT®
    Financial Coach
    William D Pitney

    William founded FocusYOU as a client-centered alternative to traditional financial sales and service. He recognized that people want service and advice with focus on their priorities and aspirations—their life—and not on the advisor or some company or product. As a truly independent CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional, William’s only loyalty is to you—the client.

    William is passionate about working with women and families to achieve their financial and life goals and protect their lifestyles. He became a financial planner after witnessing the devastating effects that poor counsel had on his mother-in-law following the death of her husband. She lost her home, savings and sense of financial independence. He is deeply committed and works diligently to ensure others never faced the same fate.

    William’s guiding principle is you’ve done the best you can with what you know. You’re an expert in what you do—not in personal finance. He believes that beating yourself up or holding on to past regrets doesn’t serve you.

    Fostering a non-judgmental shame-free environment, he creates a safe space for you to share whatever financial challenge is weighing you down. No question is off limits or too simple or embarassing to ask.

    Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, William has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 24 years. In his free time, he is an avid sports fan and enjoys music, food and road trips. He has coached flag football and little league baseball and volunteers with organizations focused on children and families..

    Contact William at: info@FocusYou.com or 650-684-1199




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  • Client Services
    Rosanne Arthur

    Rosanne has worked closely with William since 2006, providing extensive operational business experience to the team and service excellence to our clients.

    Her background enables her to anticipate issues before they arise, and her problem-solving skills resolves them quickly and efficiently. Favored by clients for her can-do attitude, she is admired for her ability to "cut to the chase" and address your needs in a professional and effective manner.

    Rosanne makes certain that client implementation stays on track and that nothing has been overlooked. She also interfaces with all our strategic partners and remains the point person for your team.

    Contact Rosanne at: Rosanne@FocusYou.com or 707-282-3700

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In addition to bringing our own expertise into the relationship with you, we have a network of professional specialists outside our firm, including a select group of:

  • Attorneys to sort through legal issues and draft documents
  • CPAs and tax professionals
  • Real estate and mortgage professionals
  • Insurance professionals for property, liability and business insurance
  • Homecare services
  • Therapists
  • Other vetted professionals

This select network allows us to provide advice as in-depth as you want or require. We can serve as the single source of advice for all of your financial concerns.

Contact us now to see how our team collaborates with you and how we do much of the financial heavy lifting, so you can achieve greater peace of mind and focus on living your life.

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