A Well Defined Financial Philosophy Leads to Sound Decisions

Once you clearly define your own financial philosophy, you're able to identify and use strategies and solutions that support it. Your financial philosophy serves as your catalyst for action.

“When you get your money right, you can get your life right” is our core belief.

Our Get FOCUS® financial philosophy emphasizes a lifelong perspective and helps you structure your finances to help you spend, save, invest and insure wisely. This means you can make decisions with your money that enable you to:

  • Be confident knowing that you put your financial affairs in order.
  • Help and protect your family.
  • Enjoy your lifestyle today and maintain it in the future.
  • Plan ahead for both the expected and unexpected.
  • Feel comfortable managing your financial life in good times and not so good times.

We strive to empower you to make decisions from a place of knowledge, wisdom, and confidence. The goal is to eliminate decisions based on greed, fear, ignorance, habit or noise in the media!

The human brain tends to focus on goals and outcomes — it’s natural, right? When we focus on the process, we get more and better results over time.

For example, we know that the vast majority of people cannot live their lives to a budget. So instead of focusing on budgeting, we help you focus on your savings habits relative to your goals and current lifestyle. This is more reasonable approach than trying to predict what your actual income and expenses will be for the next 30-40 years or more.

By having a clear financial philosophy, our clients get the important things done!.


Investment Philosophy

Investing is a science that consists of three basic elements: cost, risk and return. Cost and risk are controllable; returns are not.

But too much of what we hear and see is about the returns — the thing we cannot control.

We manage your investments based on where you are in your life; not where the markets are or what they are doing.

Our investment approach:

  • Ignores Wall Street and everyday noise.
  • Is rooted in over 60 years of financial science.
  • Aligns your values to make a difference.

If there is no well-researched evidence to support a particular investment strategy or product, we won’t waste time or money on it.

Our philosophy embraces financial science to eliminates the “guesswork”. And, it consists of five principles:

  1. Financial markets reflect all knowable and unknowable information.
  2. Broad and deep global diversification is essential in today’s world.
  3. Buy risk, not return and emphasize those risks that are worth taking over time.
  4. Lower costs and lower taxes increase long-term returns.
  5. Trying to guess when to get in and out of the market is gambling and speculating.

Our approach offers you a practical investment strategy. One that enables you to remain calm and let the emotions wash over without reacting in both up and down markets.

Your investment strategy and portfolio should help you sleep well at night, secure in the knowledge that you are going to be all right.


Risk Management Philosophy

Income and asset protection are at the core of effective financial management. Financial success requires taking care of your insurance infrastructure.

Our core belief is that if you cannot write a check to buy your way out of any catastrophe, then insurance is the best way to keep your family from going broke.

First, we help you understand your financial risks and their potential consequences. We then construct a program to minimize the financial consequences. We always exhaust legal and tax strategies before recommending additional insurance.

If you’re ready for practical, real-world solutions that work for you based on your goals and aspirations and time-tested principals, contact us now to schedule your no obligation Private Financial Breathrough Session.


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