A Financial Plan is Important — Knowing What Kind of Financial Advice You’re Getting is Essential

Not all financial advice is equal. The type of advice you will receive depends on the type of financial planner you work with. Do you want someone who only focuses on the money? Or do you want someone who focuses on money and how it helps you live your best life?

Our mission: To empower individuals and families to make educated and transformative financial decisions confidently!

Life-Centered Financial Coaching and Planning

As you focus on increasing your level of financial satisfaction and success, it is important to understand your history, values, motivations and priorities. They provide the framework for making choices with greater purpose, less guilt and more confidence.

Greater than 90-percent (90%) of decisions are not driven by logic and facts. No matter how rational we are, our beliefs about money drive our financial decisions.

Your beliefs are the source of any financial guilt, shame, or embarrassment you carry with you. Your behavior follows your beliefs. And it is these beliefs that create the obstacles that keep people from being as happy and confident as they would like.

We approach money as a financial coach rather than just a financial advisor. We connect the technical side of money with the human side. Our motto is: “When you get your money right, you can get your life right.” And we use leading evidence-based and time-tested tools to tailor solutions exclusively for you.

We collaborate with you to overcome your financial roadblocks by raising your consciousness about your money decisions.

A Return on Life is Greater than a Return on Investment

Thousands of firms offer financial advice. If you’re like most people, you are unclear about the differences among them.

Whatever their business cards call them (e.g., planner, advisor, manager, representative, agent), most self-described “financial planners” focus almost exclusively on your investments or selling the hot financial product du jour.

FocusYOU integrates all aspects of your financial life, including:

  • Cash, mortgages and liability management
  • Asset and income protection
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement and college savings
  • Other financial areas, and
  • Also investments

A Traditional Financial Plan vs. Your Get FOCUS® Financial Life Planning

Traditional financial plans are solely about the numbers. Your Get FOCUS® Life Planning is about the whole of you.

Category Item Typical Financial Plan Focused Life Plan
Understanding Who You Are Financial Goals    
Dreams and Life Aspirations rarely  
Communication Preferences and Natural Tendencies    
Personal Story, History, Values and Beliefs    
True Purpose for Money    
Financial Records Organization Personal Financial Organizer
  • 9 key financial documents
  • 3 must have documents
  • FocusYOU Emergency Checklist
Retirement & Investment Planning Accumulation & Distribution Strategies for Retirement, College & Other Goals    
Basic & Rule of Thumb Projections    
Interactive, Multi-scenario Projections    
Portfolio Allocation & Rebalancing    
Risk-Return Targets    
Investment Policy Statement    
Cash & Debt Management Spending Plan rarely  
Debt Reduction & Liability Management    
Short Term Liquidity & Emergency Funds    
Income & Asset Protection Life Insurance#    
Disability Insurance# maybe  
Long Term Care Insurance# rarely  
Health Insurance*    
Personal Property and Liability* rarely  
Business Property and Liability*    
Tax Planning* Tax Efficient Investing    
Capital Gains Tax Minimization    
Income Tax Minimization maybe maybe  
Stock Option Exercise maybe  
Business Entity Structure    
Estate Planning* Wills, & Trusts    
Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney rarely  
Beneficiary Designations    
Trust Funding & Assets Titling    
Charitable Gifting    

* FocusYOU does not provide legal or tax advice. These analyses are intended solely to illustrate potential tax-related issues. Prior to taking any action, we recommend that you consult with your legal and/or tax advisors.


What is Your Vision for the life ahead?

We know that nothing of significance will happen without living in alignment your values and inner most desires.

True financial confidence begins with knowing your WHY. Knowing your big picture WHY is more important than the money itself because it:

  • Expresses what you value.
  • Brings clarity and direction.
  • Offers a way to make choices in a context that’s relevant to you.

Everything becomes so much easier because your meaningful WHY guides your decisions. So, what is yours?

Our job is to help you clarify and articulate your WHY, and then work with you to fulfill it.

We focus on the things most relevant for you. We work with you to identify the core actions to move your financial life forward and then collaborate with you to make sure they get done.

Our aim is to increase your financial security and your financial peace of mind so that you can live the best life possible with what you have.


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