William Pitney has been interviewed and quoted in the following consumer and investor publications:
Investopedia Investopedia
Gen X Retirement Tips for Millennials 
by Amy Fontinelle, September 28, 2015
CreditCards.com CreditCards.com
6 tips for talking to your adult kids about your finances 
by Lisa Bertagnoli, April 28, 2015
Market Watch

When is the right time to hire a financial adviser? 
by Cliff Goldstein, July 21, 2014

Business Insider

Business Insider
Money Management Tips For Your 30s And 40s
by Kevin Voigt, July 10, 2014


7 Points to Consider When Drafting a BYOD Security Policy
by Jonathan Keane, June 20, 2014


Countdown to retirement: One year to go
by Amy E. Buttell, April 2, 2013


Retirement Checklist: How Much You Will Need
by Dawn Papandrea, April 2013

Credit Card Select

Credit Card Select
What to Do When You Win the Lottery
by Dustin Christensen, November 2012

New York Times

New York Times
Trading Hotel Rooms for the Guest Room
by Michael Luongo, October 29, 2012

Career Intelligence

Career Intelligence
Mind the Gap: Managing Different Ages at Work
by Robin Madell, September 2012

American Express Open Forum

American Express Open Forum
Discover the Hidden Power of Microsoft Word
by Barry Moltz, December 29, 2011

Black Enterprise

Black Enterprise
9 Hot Investing Secrets
by Bridget McCrea, June 2011, pages 91-93

The Faster Times The Faster Times
Is a Credit Union For You?
by Sheryl Nance-Nash, October 21, 2010 

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