Company News
Apr 27, 2021:
Bay Area Financial Planner Embraces "Towards Aware and No-Harm Investing"
Feb 11, 2021:
Financial Planning Firm Celebrates 10 Years Helping Clients Pursue Their Passions
Aug 13, 2018:
San Mateo Financial Coach Attends the Not-so-typical Planner’s Conference
Jun 4, 2018:
Financial Coach Attends 2018 Best Regional Conference for Financial Planners
Apr 30, 2018:
Bay Area Coach Enjoys Thinkfest 2018
Mar 26, 2018:
San Francisco Bay Area Financial Planner and Coach Celebrates 15 Years
Aug 28, 2017
Financial Coach Attends Uniquely Californian Planner’s Conference
Jun 5, 2017:
Financial Coach Participates in Best Regional Conference for Financial Planners
Jun 7, 2016:
Financial Coach enjoys the 44th Annual FPA® NorCal in San Francisco
May 24, 2016:
Financial Coach Earns Certified Financial Transitionist™ designation from the Sudden Money® Institute
May 10, 2016:
Financial Coach Attends Annual Thinkfest in Phoenix
May 6, 2014:
Focus You receives 2013 California Excellence Award
Apr 23, 2014:
Focus You Receives 2014 Best of Santa Rosa Award
Dec 5, 2013:
Focus You Receives 2013 Best of Santa Rosa Award
Aug 29, 2013:
Foster City Financial Coach Participates in One-of-a-Kind Planners' Conference
Jun 5, 2013:
Financial Coach Attends Nation's Best Regional Financial Planning Conference
May 31, 2013: 
69% of Working Americans Fail to Protect Their Paycheck
Apr 30, 2013:
San Francisco Bay Area Financial Planner Celebrates 10 Years
Jan 31, 2013:
Foster City Financial Planner Celebrates Two Years as a Truly Independent Firm
Jan 21, 2013:
Financial Planner Launches Financial Education Series for the Middle Class in San Francisco Bay Area
Nov 27, 2012:
Financial Planning and Advice to Help the Middle Class Answer the Question: "Are We Going to be Okay?"
Oct 31, 2012:
Report Shows 51% of Households Feel Behind in Saving for Retirement and Confirms Financial Planning is Critical
Oct 9, 2012:
William Pitney Volunteers Expertise at Free Financial Planning Events
Sep 25, 2012: 
Families Think They Can't Afford Life Insurance, Leaving Too Many Underinsured explains William Pitney
Sep 14, 2012: 
Don’t Believe in Life Insurance? Ask a Widow or Young Children, says William Pitney
Aug 29, 2012: 
FocusYOU offers In Focus, Not Your Typical Financial e-Newsletter
Aug 23, 2012: 
William Pitney Blogs to Educate Consumers and Investors
May 15, 2012: 
William Pitney Attends Annual Thinkfest
May 6, 2012: 
William Pitney Enhances Services as a Sudden Money Expert
Dec 2, 2011:
William Pitney Forms FocusYOU to provide improved financial planning services  to local investors

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